Don't forget to put your clocks forward: daylight time starts at 2 a.m. Sunday

Communities that observe daylight time in British Columbia, will have to put their clocks forward one hour by 2 a.m. PT on Sunday. 

The annual "spring forward," means residents lose an hour of sleep.

In recent years, the move, which intends to shift more sunlight hours to the evening at the expense of fewer in the morning, has been questioned if it's really needed anymore.

"Losing an hour of sleep could have an impact on your alertness and reaction time when you are driving," said Sam Corea, a spokesperson for ICBC.

"So we want everyone to make an extra effort to stay safe for the morning commute and afternoon commutes on Monday."

Corea says the change in time, means a change in light conditions on the roads.

The insurer recommends people go to bed early on Saturday night and at the same time on Sunday to get appropriate rest.

"The last couple of weeks we've been getting used to better light in the morning but come Monday we'll be seeing darker commutes in the morning so it could be harder to see road hazards," said Corea.