Don't look at down in this glass-bottomed "Sky Pool"

A screenshot of the Sky Cantilever Pool at Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas

A new glass-bottomed pool in Texas lets brave bathers look down at the street a heart-stopping 40 storeys below.

The “Sky Cantilever Pool” is making headlines for Market Square Tower, a new apartment building in downtown Houston. Constructed using eight-inch-thick Plexiglass, the bottomless portion of the pool extends a full 10 feet past the side of the building, allowing swimmers to experience the sensation of “floating on air.”

If you think it’s a harmless thrill that you can stomach, watch the Facebook video of the view straight down, and then maybe think again.

Pools that dangle precariously from fancy apartment buildings and hotels are becoming something of a trend. There are similarly terrifying pools in Shanghai, Melbourne, and Montreal.

Market Square Tower’s sky pool was modelled after a similarly cantilevered pool at the Inter Continental Hotel at Festival City in Dubai, with one important difference: Dubai’s version is only four storeys up, so guests on the walkway below have a crystal-clear view of whoever is bathing directly above.