'I don't see why we can't': Chris Boucher on winning series vs. 76ers

Toronto Raptors forward Chris Boucher discusses not watching Joel Embiid's game-winner, how he's played in the series and why he believes Toronto can still win.

Video Transcript

- How's your-- how do you guys approach game 4 when you're down 3-0?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Just try to get a win day by day, game by game. I guess all we need is win one at a time. Can't do more than that. And I feel like we played a good game. We just slipped up and they won the game. But like I said, we learned a lot from the past three games and just going to go game by game.

- How many times has the coaching staff maybe watched that final possession?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I watched it like five times by myself, so it didn't really matter. We did watch it once, but I think we all watched the play on and on and on just to see what happens and not make [MUTED]. Sorry, but that's how I feel, really.

- When you think back to that Cleveland game that you just played so great in that you talked about, how much of a difference is it between being like a role player versus being the guy?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I mean, it's the pressure. Like I said, you get a lot of credit when you play well and you get a lot-- you know, people talk a lot of bad when you don't do well. So I think that's what it is, but you got to show up every day. And as a bench player, obviously you feel like you just got to bring the energy or help, you know, the team somehow some way.

But when you're the go-to guy, I think that, you know, the one day that you don't play well, I mean it affects the whole team, so. I think that's the difference. That's why I realized in Cleveland. You know, I was one of the guys that needed to do a lot more. And I didn't show up, and we lost by a lot.

So that's one thing that I realized. It's not easy to be a go-to guy, but when you're a bench player, you still got to do the same thing. You still got to come prepared like if you were a go-to guy and try to do what you could do to help the team.

- Chris, going into the series, you know, a lot of thought was-- you know, the minutes when Embiid sits would be really critical in terms of building a lead or holding a lead or whatever it might be. What can you guys do a little differently? Because those minutes really haven't worked out all that well for you so far.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I mean, just play with a lot more energy. Like I said, I think we started the game well. So it's not like we didn't do a lot of good things with Joel Embiid or in or not.

So like I said, we just got to capitalize on our chances. It's not like we didn't have a chance to win the game. We had a lot of opportunity to win the game and we just got to capitalize on it. Because like I said, you can see how it goes when you don't. You know, they took their shots and they made it and we missed them when it was the most important. And that's really what made the game for them.

So for us, we just got to focus on that. And like I said, if we keep playing the same way, I don't see why we can't win, you know, the next game and the next game and the next game. Obviously it's one game at a time, but I think we're pretty confident that we slipped up on that one and we can do better now.

- And how do you feel about your 3-point shooting? It's really always been a story this season. You started with so much early, but it seems like month by month, it's got better. And you're shooting [INAUDIBLE] 3-ball in the series. What's clicked in, and why are you feeling good?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I mean, you know, we've took a lot of shots. But also, like I said, I'm feeling a lot more like myself, too, like obviously with my hand and all that, you know? Any surgery that you get, whatever, it gets them sometimes until you actually feel like 100%. So I think that also help. And just realizing how my misses, watching what I was doing the arc, or the time if I was rushing, and all that. So I think that helps out a lot, too.

- Any of other questions in English? Go ahead, [INAUDIBLE].





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