Dorset Council approves new 5G phone mast in Portland

A mobile phone mast in Cardiff
Dorset Council said a new 20m 5G mast had "clear benefits" for the area (generic image)

A council has approved a new 5G phone mast, citing "clear benefits".

An existing 15m (49ft) mast at a site off Easton Street in Portland will be replaced by the new 20m (65ft) mast.

A Dorset Council report said there were "benefits to both local residents, businesses and the wider community by way of the provision of improved telecommunications connectivity".

No councillors responded to the application and there were no comments from members of the public.

The developers, Cornerstone wrote in the planning application that a bigger mast was needed to the rear of Easton Masonry to support 5G technology.

They added the existing mast would not be structurally capable of carrying the equipment needed both for 5G and for 2G, 3G and 4G signals.

The replacement mast is expected to bring fast 5G communications to the area for those with devices that use the technology and are signed up to a Vodafone contract.

On Tuesday, Dorset Council approved the replacement mast, which will have a range of antennas, transmission dishes and remote radio units.

'Obvious clear benefits'

The mast site is within the Portland Conservation Area and close to the Tout Quarry Reserve and the Sculpture Park, and is within 25m (82ft) of the nearest home.

But a Dorset Council planning officer said changing the mast in an area which is industrial and commercial would "not have a significantly and demonstrably harmful impact on the setting of the conservation area" and would not affect any listed buildings.

The council's report added that the proposal was satisfactory as the mast would provide "obvious clear benefits" through improved connectivity which is "supported by the government's general support to improve the 5G network".

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