Double Eagle: Ian and son, Noah, both on the call for Syracuse-Miami

Ian Eagle and Bill Raftery might be one of college basketball’s most recognizable broadcast teams, but his son Noah is following close behind.

There are countless examples of fathers and sons who wind up on the same team in sports. For media members, it works a bit differently — especially for broadcasters doing play-by-play. Usually you’ll see a kid follow in their parent’s footsteps like Joe and Jack Buck or the Caray family.

Rarely, if ever, do you see a father and son calling the same game. Saturday in Syracuse, New York was a rare day.

While Ian Eagle manned the broadcast for CBS, his son Noah was down the sideline doing the same for WAER radio. As the elder Eagle put it, it was like living out a scene from Back to the Future.

Noah is currently a junior at Syracuse and has been working his way up through the ranks of the same radio station where his father got his start. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch pointed out earlier this week that Noah has to walk past a WAER Hall of Fame plaque featuring Ian every time he enters the studio.

“We definitely have a similar sound and look—there is no questioning the DNA,” Ian told Deitsch. “The reality for me is I have always been proud of Noah. I am not just proud this weekend. I have been proud of him since he was a little boy. The other part that resonates with me is he went to Syracuse knowing full well that he would get a lot of those comments, ‘Hey, are you Ian Eagle’s son?’ In three years that has dissipated and now I am hearing, ‘Are you Noah Eagle’s dad?’ That is as satisfying as anything.”

One thing is certain: when the two Eagles run the tape back and study their performances, they’ll be casting a large shadow over each other. They might be family, but their drive to be the best isn’t easy to hide.

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