Double murder motivated by drug client list, prosecution alleges at trial

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Two men were fatally shot inside an SUV over the contact list for drug clients, the prosecution has alleged in its opening statement at the accused killer's murder trial in Calgary.

Christopher Naidu's first-degree murder trial began Monday. Naidu is accused of killing Joshua Brendan Bamfo, 25, and Mahad Abdiraham Ainanshe, 23, in April 2018.

According to the Crown's theory, the three men were "partners in the drug trade" but had a falling out just before the killings.

The victims continued to work together and kept a cellphone that contained their customer contact list.

Bamfo and Ainanshe "were killed for the list," said Crown prosecutor Todd Buziak.

Just after 3 p.m. on April 20, 2018, police were called to the northwest neighbourhood of Evanston after neighbours reported hearing gunshots.

A man was seen running from the scene and the two victims were found dead in a Nissan SUV.

At the time, police called the shooting a targeted attack.

Two days later, Naidu was arrested but released without charge.

Following a 14-month investigation, Naidu was again arrested and two charges of first-degree murder were laid.

Buziak indicated the prosecution will call 36 witnesses over the course of the trial.

Jim Lutz is representing the accused.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Jim Eamon is presiding over the three-week trial.