Auto-Tuned Doug Ford Singing ‘A Bunch Of Yahoos’ Is The New Pandemic Anthem

Melanie Woods
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The guy who made that iconic “Speaking Moistly” Justin Trudeau video is back — and this time he’s taking on Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s comments about a certain group of “yahoos” outside Toronto’s Queen’s Park legislature.

The Auto-Tuned videos are the brainchild of YouTube user Anonymotif (a.k.a. Edmonton musician Brock Tyler). In mid-April, the prime minister had a slip of the tongue in advising people not to “speak moistly” to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Tyler took that damp word choice and spun it into an honest-to-God banger of a song.

“Speaking Moistly” was a smash hit, garnering nearly three million views on YouTube and a string of acoustic covers and tributes.

Tyler’s latest creation follows a similar premise, spinning Ford’s comments from last week that a small group protesting lockdown measures outside Queen’s Park were “a bunch of yahoos.”

“We’ve worked so hard, we’ve come such a long way,” the Auto-Tuned Ford sings just before the beat drops into that absolute earworm of a chorus.

Trudeau also makes a special appearance in the sequel for a verse chock-full of firm stares into the camera and reminders that “we need to hold on, if we move too quick, everything we’ve been doing might have been for nothing.”


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Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil even pops up before the final chorus to drop a straight fire verse with his iconic phrase “stay the blazes home” — which has inspired its own share of musical tributes.

But it’s Ford’s chorus that will worm its way into our collective brains forever:

Sing it with me now!

A bunch of yahooooooooos,

In front of Queen’s Park, in front of Queen’s Park.

A bunch of yahooooooooos,

In front of Queen’s Park, in front of Queen’s Park.

While we can’t go out to the club quite yet, it’s certainly the summer jam we’ll all be turning our Perrier bottles to for the rest of this lockdown.

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