Doug Ford wants open review of 'scandalous' and 'ridiculous' Tory leadership vote

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    I thought they did a good job with the process. I registered as a member right before the deadline. I verified. A couple days later they sent the voting link via email. There were numerous texts and calls from the PC Party and candidates to confirm everything was in order.
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    The fact that voting was done exclusively online is a problem. It assumes that everyone has access to and is comfortable using technology, including a scanner, since voters were required to upload two forms of ID (how is this ID being protected?).
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    This election is theirs to lose and they are going to great efforts to do so.

    Remember Hudak?
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    The Mosser
    "They went online and it said someone had used their PIN number." — It sounds as though some ƽlϵᴀȝϵҍɑggery might be going on there, with some party members (are they even members?) voting more than once using others' voting rights. Yes, there definitely needs to be a complete review of the voting system, and beyond that, this is not really making the leadership race or the party look very good. I don't know who will win, but whoever it turns out to be, we shall have to wonder about his/her legitimacy given this flawed voting system.
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    I lost two comments, is it a mechanical error, or censor? anybody got the same problem.
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    And this is the choice we have to get the libs out of office? Good luck with that.
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    Sounds like all of the corruption wasn't weeded out after all!
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    Right out of Trump's play book?
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    If you can't organize this vote, how can you run the province?
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    Wow, if you can't run your own election process how can you run a province? Wynne needs to go, but so far the Conservative effort has been a disaster.