Up-and-down saga nears end as 1 elevator repaired in 12-storey Winnipeg condo

Two weeks after the elevators broke down at a downtown Winnipeg condo complex, one of them is finally operational again.

The second lift is still out of service but could possibly be working later Monday or Tuesday, said a spokesperson for Towers Realty Group, which owns the 12-storey Colonnade at 77 Edmonton St. 

Both elevators conked out on April 18 during boiler repairs and left some seniors stranded, unable to use the stairs to get out of the building.

It also led one resident, who uses a wheelchair to get around, to say he was planning to file a human rights complaint.

Towers Realty has said power to the elevators was intentionally shut off due to the boiler-related work. However, when it was restored, there was an electrical issue with the wiring and the elevators remained inoperable.