Dozens compete at the Duel in Dunmore

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July 31 and Aug. 1 saw some of the Canadian Cowboys Mounted Shooters compete in a duelling competition at the Dunmore Equestrian Arena.

The Duel in Dunmore Competition had 38 competitors, Joyce Stuber of the Dunmore Equestrian Centre said.

“Mounted shooting is a fast-paced event that involves horsemanship and shooting skills,” Stuber explained. “Two .45 single-action revolvers with special blank ammunition are used to engage balloon targets while riding your horse through a predetermined pattern. This is a timed event with penalties assessed for missed targets and overturned barrels.”

Winners in the 1D categories were, from first to third, Heather McKenzie, Neils Lautsen and Terry Jarrett. The 2D winners were Don Litvak, Cathy Litvak and Cam Fleury. Winners of the 3D categories were Tannis Piotrowski, Karrie Stoneman and Gail Cook. The 4D winners were Doug Wickham, Bobbie Wallace-Paige and Sharron Wickham.

Stuber said that while viewer attendance wasn’t great at around 100, the sport is still relatively new and the contestant numbers were way up.

“The volunteer balloon runners worked hard allowing the competition to run smoothly,” Stuber said.

“Big thanks to the Dunmore Equestrian, McMan and British army soldier volunteers for their hard work.”

You can find out more about this sport on the Facebook Page for the Canadian Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association.

LAUREN THOMSON, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News

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