Dozens of farm animals seized from property in Mission, officers pepper-sprayed

More than two dozen animals have been seized from a hobby farm in the Mission area.

They include nine pigs, three goats, three turkeys, two alpacas, two horses, two dogs, a calf, a llama, a miniature horse and a miniature pony.

Thursday's raid followed public complaints of animal neglect, according to BC SPCA spokesperson Lori Chortyk.

"They were suffering from a range of medical conditions; serious malnourishment, many of the animals were emaciated — they had parasites, skin and eye conditions, lice."

Pepper-spray attack prompts arrest

When officers arrived on the property, she said they were confronted by the owner.

"When we executed the warrant, the owner pepper-sprayed our staff ... it affected their throats, but they continued with their work and got the animals to safety."

The woman suspect was arrested by Mounties at the scene. Chortyk said they've had a number of interactions with her in the past.

As for the rescued animals, they'll be kept in the care of the SPCA's Surrey branch.

"We care for the animals and make sure they recover," Chortyk explained. "The owner always has the right to appeal for the return of the animals. if they don't do that, the animals will go up for adoption."

The BC SPCA are recommending animal cruelty charges be laid in the case.