Dozens of fires burning in Labrador

Crews are fighting 13 of 37 forest fires in Labrador.

The week-old blaze just north of North West River and the fire near Charlottetown remain out of control. A provincial firefighting official said crews are hopeful that conditions will improve after a tough week in Labrador.

"A real progression of lightning that went through over a period of three to four days in Labrador and yesterday was the first day we caught a break. The weather was down and we managed to control a lot of the fires yesterday," said provincial forest fire duty officer Eric Young.

No new fires were reported in Labrador Thursday.

Meanwhile, fire crews are working at three forest fires on the island of Newfoundland Friday.

A forest fire ten kilometres outside Buchans was still burning out of control Friday morning fire. Officials said it poses no threat to the community.

Crews have controlled a fire near Colinet, on the Avalon Peninsula, and a small fire was reported near Gander, central Newfoundland, Thursday night.