Dozens of York Region staffers earn over $200K

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The Regional Municipality of York, serving nine member municipalities, has a multitude of well paid civil servants.

The salaries of government employees earning $100,000 or more annually in 2020 was released under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act. It has become known as the “Sunshine List.”

And York Region has a huge complement on the list. The list of those earning $100,000 or more is so long, we’ve concentrated on those over the $200,000 level.

York’s top wage-earner was Bruce Macgregor, CAO, who was paid a handsome $320,645.98.

Karim Kurji, medical officer of health, was next, with a salary of $319,474.77.

Patrick Casey, York’s director of corporate communications, received a whopping $300,843.66.

Associate medical officer John Richard Gould raked in $288,172.06.

Cordelia Abankwa, general manager of social services, earned $266,066.86.

Lisa Gonsalves, GM of paramedic and seniors services, received $265,257.21.

Associate medical officer Alanna Fitzgerald-Husek took in $264,061.04.

Deputy regional solicitor Daniel Kuzmyk was paid $241,886.70.

Commissioner of environmental services, Erin Mahoney, was paid $236,609.95.

Commissioner of Corporate Services, Dino Basso, took in $234,946.93.

Karen Antonio-Hadock, director of integrated business services, was paid $230,205.67.

Regional chair and CEO Wayne Emmerson pulled in $226,900.02.

Regional solicitor Joy Hulton was paid $222,540.59.

Giuseppe Lamarca, director of health protections, was paid $220,895.98. Ewilla Castellan-Wong, another manager of health protection, earned $221,560.15.

Commissioner, community and health services Katherine Chislett, was paid $258,726.76.

Another director of infectious diseases, Marjolyn Pritchard, pulled in $220,715.59.

Laura Mirabella, commissioner of finance, earned $218,195.72.

Another deputy solicitor, Elizabeth Wilson, earned $216,686.83.

Another deputy regional solicitor, Sean Love, was paid $214,232.37.

Hans Saamen, director of prosecutions, pulled in $211,419.88.

Director of court operations Lisa Brooks was paid $210,528.59.

Jennifer Clark, manager of health protection, received $208,323.49.

Manger of infectious diseases, Andrea Main, earned $207,388.19.

Senior counsel Chris Bendick was paid $206,554.55, while General Manager of Transit Ann-Marie Bayley earned $206,062.92.

Joanne Mitchell, another senior counsel, was paid $205,917.02.

Manager of healthy living Charlene Gunn-Hagerman, earned $205,446.84. Another manager of healthy living, Catherine Jaynes, earned $205,123.28.

Candace Wong, supervisor of health protection, earned $200,573.50.

Michelle Swan, director of business planning and operations support, made $200,320.98.

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Mark Pavilons, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, King Weekly Sentinel