Dr Shruti Kapoor: Challenging The Gender-Biased Narrative On Women's Safety

The need of the hour today are organizations dedicated to empower young girls and women to realize their rights and speak against violence for achieving gender and generation equality. Women-led organizations drive for change in the society and Dr Shruti Kapoor’s Sayfty is a step in the right direction.

Enraged by the brutal Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case in 2012 in Delhi, activist and educator Dr Kapoor begun advocating for women and girls in India against all forms of violence. Today, her initiatives are globally driven by like-minded communities as her team aims at creating awareness of laws and legal rights and dialogues around women’s safety.

‘Women’s Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility’ in conversation with Dr Shruti Kapoor is a five-part episode series providing insights and open conversations to understand what and how violence against girls and women are perceived and how we can contribute in changing the archaic mindset.

In the first episode, Dr Kapoor sets the tone to understand that violence foremost comes from our very home and family. Catch this motivational speaker talk about the prevailing gender-biased narratives in this video.

(Interviewed, produced and video edited by Nang Tanvi)

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