Drag queen shares hilarious TSA experience with a set of fake breasts

Charlie Hides shares an interesting experience with the TSA on Twitter. (Photo: Getty Images/Charlie Hides)

Getting your bags searched in the middle of an airport is never a fun experience — especially when the TSA agent stumbles upon your underwear compartment. But for one drag queen, who sent a lifelike breast plate through security, the experience was that much more uncomfortable.

Charlie Hides, a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, is no stranger to traveling with the accessories he uses for drag. However, this was his first experience with a brand-new breast plate that he had recently purchased. The lifelike — and expensive, as Hides shares with Yahoo Lifestyle — silicone breasts were likely too heavy for his checked bag, so they ended up in his carry-on, which made his security experience rather interesting. While his laptop and shoes went through the x-ray just fine, the bag with the breasts went down a different lane for further inspection.

“I could see on the monitor that the breasts were a big white blob, so when the security guard started to pull them out, I thought, just say something about Halloween coming up,” Hides says. “But when he held them up and asked, ‘What’s this?’ I couldn’t help myself and said, ‘It’s a travel pillow — it’s got great neck support.’”

Hides took to Twitter to share that hilarious part of the anecdote. But the rest of the experience went on to make both him and TSA security uncomfortable, as the airport attendant had to swab the breasts for explosives. Hides explains the way in which the agent did it as “slightly pervy.”

“None of this is new to me,” Hides says, as he travels for work quite a bit. “In the past, I’ve had security unpack my bags and pull out 9-inch stiletto heels, bright-red sequin costumes, [and] an unusually large sex toy, which I was using for a comedy sketch. As I’ve gotten older, I care less and less, and know they are more uncomfortable than I am.”

Currently on tour throughout North America, Hides explains that he’s been traveling a lot, and many trips have led to some sort of extensive search. He says he’s received at least three notices from TSA about baggage inspection following some of his travels.

The breast plate from Elea’s Closet that went through security. (Photo: Courtesy of Charlie Hides)

In those instances, he didn’t have to be there for the search, and for the future, Hides might consider leaving a notice with his belongings.

“Security is important, and I want to feel safe when I’m traveling; but I’m now going to attach a note to the breast that says, ‘YES, these are 48 Double D’s — try not to get excited!’”

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