Drake-associated Fring's restaurant reopens after liquor licence suspension

Drake-associated restaurant Fring's had its liquor licence suspended for a week between April 6-12 for series of violations, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario tells CBC Toronto.

The restaurant, however, said on Instagram it was "closed for renovations" for the week with no mention of the liquor licence suspension.

The commission said the violations included overcrowding and promoting "immoderate consumption."

The restaurant also failed to post its licence and to comply with other legislation, including the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, the commission added.

Fring's opened in 2015 by local celebrity chef Susur Lee and his sons, Kai and Levi Bent-Lee, amidst rumours of a collaboration between Lee and Drake. The star-studded launch of the restaurant also saw Jada Pinkett Smith and son, Jaden.