‘Drama Diablo’ wins international tattoo art awards

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Uxbridge tattoo artist Jason Howran, also known as the Drama Diablo, brought home a double first place win from the International Tattoo Awards, held Nov. 1. Howran won in both the Best Realism Tattoo and Best Traditional Tattoo categories, placing first among 10,000 of the world's top tattoo artists.

While these two recent wins were in the realism and traditional tattoo categories, Howran says he is a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to tattoo art.

“I’ve been a tattoo artist for 19 years, and back when I started out, tattooing was still taboo. We pretty much trained to do all styles.” Howran says he continues to tattoo in many styles and likes to keep his business high end in Uxbridge.

The Drama Diablo opened his Uxbridge studio, Heart 2 Hand Tattoos, on August 13, at 10 Brock St E.

“I love it here. Uxbridge has the small town vibe but with everything the big city has to offer,” says Howran.

Despite opening up in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Howran says business has been pretty good so far.

“I’m a natural worker, I’ve liked finding ways to adapt and make it work despite the circumstances.”

Howran says he works 15 to 17 hour days, seven days a week.

“Lots of people gave up when it got tough, but I’m not like that.”

It hasn’t always been tattooing for Howran - he used to be a touring DJ, and the name Drama Diablo was his stage name.

“Drama was given to me because I used to call out celebrities for being stuck up,” says Howran. “The diablo part came from when I was a resident DJ in Dominican Republic. The locals called me diablo because of my face tattoos. I just ran with it because it sounded nice with drama!”

The Drama Diablo will fit in local customers within two weeks. Find him online at www.heart2handtattoos.com

Justyne Edgell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Uxbridge Cosmos