Dramatic moment a pregnant woman, 30, gives birth in a hospital corridor

Dramatic footage shows a pregnant women giving birth in a hospital corridor after her baby arrived while she was being wheeled to a maternity ward.

Elvira Greene, 30, from Wimbledon, went into labour at 11.30pm on March 13 2017.

By 1am, the mother-of-three was in hospital shouting “my baby is coming”.

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Doctors sat her in a wheelchair as they raced to the maternity ward, but there was no time.

Mrs Greene’s aunt Patricia Brown-Greene, 52, happens to be a midwife at the London hospital and rushed to her niece’s aid.

With the maternity ward in sight, baby Comfort arrived at 1.47am on March 14 2017, next to a vending machine.

Despite her unconventional delivery, Comfort was healthy and went home that same day.

Elvira Greene's daughter Comfort was born just two hours after her waters broke. [Photo: SWNS]

Speaking of the dramatic delivery, Mrs Greene said: “I could feel the baby coming and I just knew she had to come now.

“There was no way I could stop it from happening.

“When I realised she had been born I thought oh my god, it was just so crazy.

“I had no pain relief because the labour was so short we hadn’t made it to the ward yet.”

For women who have had children before, labour usually lasts around five hours, according to Babycentre.co.uk

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After feeling the beginnings of labour pain, Mrs Greene rang her mother Jacqueline, 56, for a lift to the hospital.

By 12.20am Mrs Greene, her mother and husband Eric Boakye-Ansah, 35, were rushing to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London.

They arrived at 1am, where they spent 10 minutes looking for a wheelchair to take Mrs Greene to the upstairs maternity ward.

After chatting to a cleaner and waiting for a lift, it was around 1.30am by the time the couple were on the right floor.

Unsure where to go, they spent five-to-10 minutes looking for help, before the baby’s head appeared.

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“I just shouted ‘my baby is coming’,” Mrs Greene - a family engagement officer - said.

“She chose her time to come.

“It was very quick, which I guess is better because that means less pain.

“But it wasn’t exactly perfect, I was worried about everything being okay.”

Mrs Greene - who is also mother to sons Hosea, eight, and Heaven-Anthony, four - was expecting a quick delivery.

Heaven-Anthony was born on the family’s living room floor while Mrs Greene was home alone.

Despite her dramatic arrival, two-year-old Comfort is doing well. [Photo: SWNS]

Once Comfort arrived, Mrs Greene’s aunt handed the newborn to her niece, cleaning the baby on her dress.

Footage shows the mother being wheeled into the maternity ward, cradling her 7lb 4oz newborn.

“I was taken into a room and Comfort was checked over to make sure everything was okay,” Mrs Greene said.

“Luckily there were no complications and we went home the same day.

“Comfort was healthy and we were really happy.

“It was really nice to be back at home with the family.”

Although dramatic, the couple are happy to have the footage to look back on.

“Maybe we will have a joke about it,” Mrs Greene said.

“It was just an out of this world experience.”