Dramatic before and after images show Houston underwater

Dylan Stableford
Senior Editor

The catastrophic floods that poured into Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey have produced jaw-dropping images of America’s fourth-largest city underwater. Since Friday, when Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, Houston has been hit with more than 20 inches of rain, overwhelming the banks of the Buffalo Bayou that cuts through the center of the city.

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On Twitter, users shared photos and videos of what parts of Houston looked like before and after the flood, including roads, bridges and interstate highways. The before and after images show the magnitude of the devastation.

Other images, though, did not need a “before” to illustrate its scope.

And Houston is bracing for even more flooding as forecasters say an additional 30 inches of rain could fall in southeast Texas before the slow-moving storm departs.

“Catastrophic flooding in the Houston metropolitan area is expected to worsen,” the National Weather Service said Sunday. “This event is unprecedented, and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced.”

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