Dramatic 'This Is Us' ends on a happy note with a baby announcement

This Is Us was all around dramatic, per usual.

First, Kevin was hiding his serious injury that he obtained on set opposite Sylvester Stallone during last week's episode. Real life producer Brian Grazer, who is also Ron Howard's producing partner, made a guest cameo appearance on the show as a producer of the movie Kevin is starring in… directed by Ron Howard. Got that? After Grazer discovers Kevin's wound, Kevin finally visits a doctor who tells him that he has to undergo surgery if he wants to get back to the set as quick as possible. In a vulnerable scene later in the show between Kevin and Toby, we discovered that Kevin was first injured while playing high school football. A career path he would never be able to pursue from then on. Kevin tells Toby, "I've been working my ass off, and I am finally on the brink of something special and real and fulfilling, and I will be damned if I let this stupid knee destroy another one of my dreams."

As for Toby, Kate's fiance was getting a tad bit concerned that Kate was getting a little too obsessive with her fight to lose weight, even pointing out that they haven't been having sex as often and, when they did, she was checking her "Fitbit calorie burn the whole time".

Meanwhile, Randall and Beth were still struggling to connect to their new foster child, Deja, who is equally struggling with opening up.

A series of flashbacks showed the Pearson family coming down with chickenpox, and Rebecca getting into a heated argument with her mother concerning racism after noticing her mother referring to the children as "the twins and Randall" and consistently shutting the young Randall out. "I've always wondered if the reason that you never bonded with him was because he was adopted. But you've made it alarmingly clear that it's because he's black," said Rebecca. She continued, "I will not expose Randall to any more of this crap. You're racist, Mom. You're a racist."

While it may have seemed like everyone on the show was facing some serious issues, there was actually one person whose issue was actually something good. In the final moments of "Still There", Kate was in a hospital room telling a doctor, "I bought the vitamins that you recommended. Are these the right ones? You know, it's just because my age and my weight, I want to follow the instructions." The doctor then responded, "You're doing everything you can right now to stay healthy… Your poppy seed is now the size of a lentil. Congratulations. You're officially six weeks along."