Warriors' Draymond Green on flagrant two call staying put: ‘I'm no victim'

The Golden State Warriors forward and teammate Stephen Curry react to the league’s decision not to rescind the Flagrant 2 foul he received in Game 1 of the second round series against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Video Transcript

- Are you feeling, you know, picked on at this point? Or--

DRAYMOND GREEN: Nah. I play basketball for a living. Have an incredible family, incredible life. I'm not picked on. There's other people that's picked on.

I'm no victim. My reputation is a badge of honor. Not everybody can earn that reputation. So I'm never gonna change the way I play basketball.

It's gotten me this far. It's gotten me three championships, four All-Stars, Defensive Player of the Year. Not gonna change now.

STEPHEN CURRY: I think it's where human nature comes in, where, obviously, if you've watched him play, you know how demonstrative he is, situations that he's found himself in in the past. There's no way you [? can't ?] clear it out of your mind, right or wrong.

I think it's wrong in terms of, like, we'll never know, but if somebody else does that exact same foul, is it a 1, is it a 2, whatever it is. So, to us and to me, the situation where it's because it's him, because of just the way that he plays the game, can influence the way you read a call. That's the unfortunate part, but what you gonna do about it?

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