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Atwater’s love life on Chicago P.D. leaves a lot to be desired, but his few moments with ex-girlfriend Celeste (played by 9-1-1: Lone Star’s Amanda Payton) marked a high point for the character.

The Intelligence cop first met her in Season 9, Episode 5 — titled “Burnside” — where their palpable chemistry at a bar turned into a steamy night together. It wasn’t until the next morning that Atwater learned Celeste’s name, and that she was a social activist and art teacher who was highly critical of law enforcement. Fearing that she would turn him away for being a cop, he lied about his professional occupation and continued seeing her.

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In Celeste, he found an equal partner who understood him on a level that not even his Intelligence cohorts could. The scenes in which they vented to each other about the racial inequities they witnessed or experienced and then leaned on each other for moral support were refreshing. It was nice to see Atwater be more of himself — relaxed and honest — without having to explain why something bothered him. Celeste just got it.

Unfortunately, their short-lived relationship ended in Season 9’s 11th episode, after Atwater finally came clean about being a police officer. We were thoroughly disappointed that the breakup meant we no longer got to see Celeste because she was so cool. Smart, kind and passionate about helping her community through her work with at-risk youth, she was a well-rounded character who offered a unique perspective in the Dick Wolf universe.

LaRoyce Hawkins and Amanda Payton in Chicago P.D. Season 9
LaRoyce Hawkins and Amanda Payton in Chicago P.D. Season 9

That’s why we’re proposing the spinoff Celeste Rising, which would explore Celeste’s personal struggles as well as the professional challenges she faces as an activist in her community. Plus, this would be a great opportunity to revisit her relationship with Atwater, who we’d love to see recur. Of course, this would be dependent upon portrayer LaRoyce Hawkins’ availability, since he is a lead on Chicago P.D.

Given Celeste’s strong connections to her neighborhood, we could see Intelligence occasionally reaching out for information on suspects, which would allow for more Chicago P.D. cameos and thoughtful storytelling about her complicated relationship with law enforcement.

Come on, Dick Wolf, let’s make this happen!

What do you think? Would you tune in for a Chicago P.D. spinoff based on Celeste? If not, what offshoot would you want to see? Drop a comment below!

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