Dresden's top tulip competition

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The Dresden & District Horticultural Society had a simple message this year – the show must go on.

The show of course was the Children’s Flower Show, which has been held every year since 1993. Grade 1 and 2 children from the Dresden Area Central School put together boxes and bouquets of flowers to show off in class and all kids win a prize.

“It’s really a fun time for us. We really enjoy it and it’s fun watching the kids come in with their flowers,” says Horticultural Society Secretary Lynda Weese. Members from the group award ribbons in a variety of categories, including tallest and smallest tulip and nicest bouquet.

But with in-person school cancelled last year the tradition had to adapt. The group asked kids to send in a picture of them with their favourite flower and why they liked it. When COVID sent children home again this year the society came up with a new idea.

“This year we wanted to go with something a little different so we went with the tallest tulip because they’re not hard to find and most people have them in their gardens or they can find them,” says Weese.

And the submissions rolled in. Students in the Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes at the Dresden school went on the hunt, some finding tulips that were more than two feet tall.

“If we’d stopped it these last two years there’d be two years of children that never experienced it at all,” says Weese. “At least this way they’re getting a little taste of it. Next year hopefully we’ll be in the school.”

The winners of this year’s tallest tulip event were: Mrs. Kemp’s Grade 2 class – Spencer Paddick Dibbley (54.5 cm); Mrs. George-Brosh’s Grade 2 class – Max Richardson (61 cm); Mrs. Elliott-Pegg’s Grade 1 class – Claire Poland (61 cm); Ms. Ellis’ Kindergarten/Grade 1 class – Lux Wasilewski (61 cm).

The four winners can all go pick up a perennial from Kentwood Gardens as their prize.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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