Driver that killed father and daughter in 2017 crash northwest of Saskatoon has his sentence appeal denied

The collision happened around midnight on Aug. 21, 2017. (CBC - image credit)
The collision happened around midnight on Aug. 21, 2017. (CBC - image credit)

A Saskatchewan driver who crashed his half-ton truck into a family near Langham, Sask. has had his sentence appeal denied.

Braydon Wolfe, 32, is serving a six-year prison sentence. He was convicted in December 2020 of two counts of criminal negligence causing death and one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

The crash happened in August 2017 on Highway 16 northwest of Saskatoon. Wolfe was sentenced in May 2021.

Wolfe was driving on the wrong side of a divided highway when he collided head on with the Niazi family's Toyota sedan.

Mohammad Niazi, 62, and his daughter Zohal,25, both died in the crash. The mother, Sangin Niazi was seriously injured, but survived.

Courtesy of Niazi family
Courtesy of Niazi family

Wolfe's legal team argued the sentence length was disproportionate, but the appeal court disagreed.

"Importantly the trial judge's reasons clearly demonstrate that he kept his focus on the fundamental principle of proportionality," Justice Jeffery Kalmakoff wrote in the appeal decision.

"In that respect, his observation that Mr. Wolfe's offenses were very grave and well supported from both a legal and factual standpoint."

Justice Richard Danyliuk's sentencing was based on the manner of his driving and the overall harm he caused.

"The collision and carnage were terrible, and were reflected both in photographs put in as trial exhibits and in the descriptions given by witnesses," Danyliuk wrote in his 39-page judgment.

RCMP who were at the crash scene said they discovered beer cans in the ditch but never linked the alcohol to Wolfe. He was not charged with impaired driving. Wolfe indicated he had no recollection of how he came to be traveling into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of a divided highway.

Danyliuk wrote that based on what was heard at trial, he concluded that Wolfe had drank an unknown amount of alcohol before the crash.

Wolfe was also seriously injured in the crash.