Driver and passengers escape bus fire in Vancouver

A shuttle bus caught fire outside Vancouver City Hall late Friday night, endangering the vehicle's driver and a group of passengers.

Cambie Street was closed to traffic around 11 p.m. PT between West 12th Avenue and West Broadway, while Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services attended to the vehicle fire.

Battalion Chief Mike Sereda said the bus driver had six passengers on board when a problem developed.

"The driver noticed some smoke coming out of the dashboard, pulled the vehicle over, all persons were able to get out off the bus with no injuries, and from then on the bus was engulfed in flames," said Sereda.

Cory Correia/CBC News
Cory Correia/CBC News

Sereda said nearby police spotted the fire, and called it in to fire crews who quickly arrived and put out the fire.

The bus is affiliated with the circus show, Bacio Rosso, which is being staged at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Investigators are examining the vehicle to identify what caused the fire.

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