Drone captures unique view of skillful farmers hard at work

Farming is a difficult profession that requires long hours of hard work. At the mercy of the weather and the growing season, farmers harvest their crops when they can. Their ability to work quickly and smoothly can make the difference between profit and loss. Working together is crucial to make the most of their machinery. This drone shows what farming looks like from a bird's eye view. As the combine mows down the corn, the cobs are processed and the kernels are fired into the truck. With precision, the driver of the truck keeps the trailer lined up with the combine to fill the trailer in a uniform manner. Judging when it is nearly full, the combine driver pauses so the truck can pull away and allow a second truck to take its place. Like clockwork, these workers move smoothly, not wasting any time as they keep the machinery and the harvest moving. Getting food from the fields to the table is a noble and respectable profession. It's about more than making enough money to turn a profit, it's about feeding a nation and keeping our people healthy. The more we understand how hard these good folks work, the better able we will be to appreciate what they provide for us.