Drone films aftermath of party truck rollover in the ditch

This truck is a veritable party on wheels, delivering party supplies, casino games, inflatable play equipment, and other entertainment, the truck was on its way to an event near Toronto, Canada. But this party wagon isn't going to make it to the next party. The driver took an offramp from Highway 401, the longest and busiest highway in Canada. For no apparent reason, the truck entered the ditch on the right side and flipped over. The box cracked opened and some of the party supplies spilled out. The driver was pulled from the wreck and loaded on an ambulance, and then transported to the hospital. Police investigated and filed appropriate reports. Speculation at the scene was that the driver was inattentive due to distraction in the cab or that he fell asleep. Tire marks suggest that he realized there was a problem after leaving the road and that he tried a sudden and exaggerated correction, causing the truck to swing and flip. Injuries were not life threatening. A drone that was launched to film a nearby property captured footage of the truck being flipped back onto its wheels and then towed from the ditch.