Drone Footage Captures Four Active Vents at La Palma Volcano

Four active vents on the Cumbre Vieja volcano were visible on October 22, spewing lava and other volcanic material over La Palma, in the Spanish Canary Islands.

The following morning, a portion of the main cone atop volcano collapsed, the Canary Islands Volcanology Institute reported.

Residents of the island have weathered continuous volcanic and seismic activity since the volcano began erupting on September 19. As of October 22, lava had extended to cover 899 hectares (3.47 square miles), according to the European Union’s Copernicus satellite program. Imagery analyzed by scientists also showed that 2,129 buildings had been destroyed by volcanic activity.

This video, taken on Friday by a team with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIS), captures the four vents expulsing volcanic material. Credit: CSIS via Storyful

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