Drum circle offers opportunity for connection

·1 min read

Partici Park along Riverside Drive in East Drumheller has been alive with the sound of drumming for the last few weeks as Dustin Bakker and Adele Desjardins have begun organizing a weekly drum circle open to the community. The weekly circle gives Drumheller residents, both old and new, an opportunity to connect with fellow community members through the universal language of music and rhythm.

Participants are given the opportunity to play on a number of various percussion instruments, from traditional Indigenous hand drums, African djembe, rain sticks, and even a bass drum. About 20 people, including two new residents from Ukraine and some children, attended the drum circle on Wednesday, August 24. Bakker and Desjardins say no musical experience or knowledge of drumming is necessary.

They hope to continue holding these sessions at Partci Park until the weather gets too cold, and have some plans to hold future sessions at a yet to be determined indoor location over the winter.

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail