Drumheller Curling Club prepares for fall season

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A new lease agreement between the Town of Drumheller and the Drumheller Curling Club, which will allow the club to remain at its current facility until at least 2024 and continue its regular fall season, along with fundraising efforts, has been drafted.

The club was informed in April 2022, due to the discovery of some health risks and significant infrastructure repairs during a routine inspection, the Town would not be renewing its lease beyond June 30, 2022; this decision was reversed after a meeting between the club’s executive board and members, members of the public, and representatives of the Town and Curling Alberta created some dialogue, plus the Town agreed to complete some minor repairs to extend the facility’s lifespan, allowing additional time for the club to fundraise towards building a new facility.

“The Town has been carrying (out) planning activities, while conducting our normal spring and summer responsibilities, but the Town will have work completed prior to curling season,” Town of Drumheller Director of Infrastructure Services Dave Brett shares with the Mail.

Some of the work being undertaken will include some basic repairs to the roof of the curling club to ensure no leakage, sealing the basement to prevent air flow between the basement and main floors, and modifications to the facility’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning control to increase air circulation within the building.

However, Mr. Brett notes, despite these updates, these repairs will only “make the building useful” for the duration of the agreed lease period.

Two new committees have also been formed by the Drumheller Curling Club-the New Building Committee and the Fundraising Committee-to help its pursuit towards a new facility, according to a press release.

The New Building Committee will work to find a location for a new facility, oversee its design, and engage with other groups to maximize the facility’s use; the Fundraising Committee will apply for grants to help with costs, plan and host fundraising events, and engage with local organizations and groups for donations.

The Club hopes to resume its regular leagues in November, with open ice times available ahead of league start.

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail

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