Drumheller RCMP seek public input

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For the third year, Drumheller RCMP is asking the public for their input to help set their policing priorities for their jurisdiction in the coming year.

The five-question survey opened on Wednesday, April 6 to residents within the Drumheller RCMP’s detachment area, including the Town of Drumheller, villages of Carbon and Delia, and the rural areas of Kneehill County, Starland County, and Wheatland County; responses can be submitted until Wednesday, May 18.

“Four to five years ago we would get our priorities from the province or from Ottawa,” Drumheller Staff Sergeant Ed Bourque told the Mail. He adds he is pleased the detachment can get local input from those directly impacted by their services.

While S/Sgt Bourque says he and his detachment are often in contact with the Mayors, Reeves, and councils of surrounding communities, the survey offers the public the opportunity to have their say.

Survey respondents are asked to identify where within the detachment area they primarily reside and rank a list of 12 different priorities-ranging from RCMP visibility and community engagement to major and minor property crimes and crimes against persons-to identify the most to least important priorities.

The list is based on a baseline of community priorities from the previous year, and open-ended responses and feedback will also help the local detachment determine any newly emerging priorities for the following year.

S/Sgt Bourque encourages anyone within the Drumheller RCMP detachment area to take a few minutes to fill out the policing priorities survey.

Feedback and responses received will help the department incorporate these priorities into how they serve their communities in the coming year.

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail

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