Drunk driver blames covid restrictions

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A Petrolia woman blamed covid restrictions for the reason she was driving drunk last year. She could have been going to the gym, instead of drinking if the covid restrictions hadn’t kept such places closed, she told Justice Krista Leszczynski in Sarnia court on May 3.

Ashley Allossey pled guilty to impaired driving and was fined $1,500. She will also not be allowed to drive for a year.

Police received an email in March 2021 from a concerned neighbor about the frequency Allossey had been seen driving drunk. An officer was patrolling in Petrolia in the evening of June 14 and went by her residence on Cardinal Crescent. Her vehicle was not at her home and he became concerned.

She was found travelling west on Cardinal Crescent towards her home when police stopped her. She told the officer she only had one tall boy of beer that day but there was a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and she was having trouble keeping her balance. She was arrested and taken to the Petrolia OPP detachment where she registered a blood-alcohol level that was double the legal limit.

Allossey, who was self-represented, said she had never been convicted of drunk driving before covid. “You are very fortunate you didn’t get into an accident and hurt anyone,” said Leszczynski.

Blake Ellis, The Independent

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