Dubé urges residents in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, where COVID-19 is surging, to heed public health guidelines

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Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé travelled to Saguenay on Monday to urge residents to follow the public health guidelines with the number of cases in the region on the rise.

The region, north of Quebec City, was largely unaffected by the first wave, but has seen a rise in cases over the past week, posting more than 100 cases a day for several days.

At a news conference, Dubé urged residents to follow the example of Quebec City, which not long ago was a hot spot but has succeeded in curbing the spread of the virus.

Dubé said the local community can expect a rise in cases before the effects of the restrictions put in Nov. 2 have an impact, and the numbers come down.

Saguenay Mayor Josée Néron said the situation in her community is troubling.

"We need to be more careful than we have been up until now," Néron said. "We must be extra vigilant and apply the instructions of public health."