NB Liquor wants you to have a 'Bro-mance' this Valentine's Day

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NB Liquor wants you to have a 'Bro-mance' this Valentine's Day

NB Liquor wants you to have a 'Bro-mance' this Valentine's Day

NB Liquor wants yours Valentine's Day to be as bromantic as can be.

The Crown corporation launched a marketing campaign leading up to Feb. 14, encouraging guys to get together for some brews and red meat.

The ad shows three bearded bros celebrating a beer under the word "Bro-mance."

But this is not a war on Valentine's Day, according to Jonathan Wilson, a marketing manager with NB Liquor, quelling concerns of romantics and traditionalists who might have fallen, aghast, on their Victorian-era fainting couches.

"Quite the opposite," Wilson said Wednesday. "We're trying to get people together."

The "bro-mance" ad is accompanied by similar ads for couples and a girls night. They're part of the "Find You Match" marketing campaign that encourages pairing food and drink.

Each ad is linked with specialized recipes — red meat for the guys, pad thai for the gals.

Wilson said the recipe choices were formed by "popular items out there." He said the in-house campaign aims to be inclusive.

"It's not just about your significant other, sitting at home with a bottle of wine," he said.

"Different people celebrate in different ways, whether it's singles appreciation day, galentine's day … and you also have people getting together as a group of friends."


As for the term "bro-mance," NB Liquor is showing it's still with it, Wilson said. It's being "ultra-relevant" and "topical."

"That term is thrown around a lot. It's a romance between bros."

As a standalone flyer apart from the campaign, the "Bro-mance" ad could be read in varying ways and that's just what happened when CBC News spoke with university students in Fredericton.

It was labelled "appealing" and "cute" and "sexist" by individuals on campus Wednesday.

Brynn Gilmour thought there were sexist undertones, but she was ultimately bewildered by the idea.

The majority of people asked felt indifferent or liked the prompt.

"It's appealing because I love having beers with a couple of guy friends," said Luke Sheridan.

Colby Poore had already planned a Valentine's Day bro-hang when shown the ad.

"Makes me want to go have a beer," he said in a quote that will no doubt ensure the ad is revived next year.

Katherine Birkenhead was pleased to see a non-traditional take on the romantic non-holiday.

"It's always the guy giving the girl flowers, or two girlfriends going out if they're single and having a nice time," she said.

Patrick Estey said it sounds like a fun way to spend Valentine's Day, but he doubted his significant other would play ball.

"She wouldn't be too happy."