Duff Goldman Updates Us On His Hand Injury - Exclusive

Duff Goldman smiling
Duff Goldman smiling - Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

It was understandably concerning when news broke about Duff Goldman's car accident on February 4, 2024, in which he suffered a significant injury to his right hand. Daily Meal recently spoke with Goldman at his Sweet & Savory Brunch event at the Nassau Paradise Island Wine and Food Fest, where the baker shared how his recovery is going. Goldman, who is right-handed, explained that he is recovering well despite a few lingering issues with his injured dominant hand. "I'm doing pretty good," Goldman told Daily Meal. "It's healing up and I can move it. It hurts, but there's nothing I can't do, it's just [that] everything kind of hurts a little bit."

Goldman and his driver were struck by a drunk driver while headed to Goldman's Los Angeles home from the airport. During the accident, his right hand was crushed and needed stitches. The injury impacts Goldman's ability to bake his famously unique and customized cakes, like the all-meat wedding cake with a gravy fountain.

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Goldman's Hand Injury Affects More Than His Baking

Duff Goldman cooking
Duff Goldman cooking - Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

As of this report, Duff Goldman's hand injury affects his ability to bake and decorate cakes, but it's also had a ripple effect on his personal life — namely, hindering him from engaging in some of his other favorite activities. Goldman shared with Daily Meal the hobbies that have been impacted by the injury. "I play music, I cook, I build things, I'm a carpenter. I need this. I don't have much upstairs, I need my hands."

Goldman plays bass guitar and is in a rock cover band called Foie Grock, which is one of the many things you didn't know about your favorite Food Network stars. Goldman likes to craft toys for his young daughter, who inspired him to start woodworking and build things in his home. For anyone, a hand injury will affect their daily life, but for someone whose career focuses solely on using their hands, it's clear how much this has impacted the chef.

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