Dufferin-Caledon Greens, Conservatives file petition against waste water treatment plant

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Two political parties have joined forces to petition the federal government to look into the environmental impact of a planned sewage treatment plant near a local river.

The Dufferin Caledon Green Party, along with the Dufferin Caledon Conservative Party, are opposed to constructing the proposed Erin wastewater treatment plant. The petition is calling for a federal environmental impact assessment of the proposed plant.

Stefan Wiesen, president of the DC Green Party and Kyle Seeback, Conservative MP for Dufferin Caledon, has agreed to sponsor the petition to the federal government and will work together to solicit the 500 signatures required to present it to parliament.

This is an effort to address some residents' concerns about the environmental impact of the proposed plant on the West Credit River, a spawning ground for native Brook Trout.

They are concerned the temperature of the proposed effluent being pumped into the West Credit River will have a warming effect on the spawning grounds, thus negatively threatening the reproductive future of Brook Trout in the river.

It is expected the plant will discharge up to 7.2 million litres of treated warm temperature effluent into the West Credit River daily. The trout needs cold water to survive and spawn.

Anything over 19 degrees Celsius can negatively impact the fish.

Furthermore, opponents say many harmful substances to humans and animals remain in the treated water as it exits the plant.

This follows a protest held over the weekend to convince Erin council to cancel the wastewater treatment plant plans.

Joshua Santos, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, Orangeville Banner