Duke of Norfolk: A Land & Sea archival special

Land & Sea previously visited with Captain Lloyd Bugden and the Topsail Star, a coastal freighter that travelled to Labrador.

But after that episode aired, misfortune befell Bugden and the Topsail Star. It ran aground at the entrance to Bridgeport in Notre Dame Bay, then was towed out and repaired well enough to get to St. John's. 

A new ship was needed for Labrador, though, and that put Bugden on the hunt for a new vessel to make the run. 

He found the solution across the Atlantic, and in 1987 the show travelled to the British port of South Shields to get a look at the process of getting the new boat, the Duke of Norfolk, ready for the trip to and from Labrador.

That process took nearly a month of flat-out work in the South Shields shipyard, as a boat that had been used for a daily crossing between England and the Netherlands was prepped to handle cargo and rough seas. 


Bugden was there for several weeks overseeing the process, which was not always smooth. But finally, the Duke's crew arrived and the team prepared to bring the vessel back across the Atlantic to serve Labrador.

Learn more about how the Duke fared and what became of the Topsail Star in this episode, the first of two in a series, of Land & Sea, available to watch in full on YouTube.

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