Dundalk and development: Where will the snow go?

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The consideration of the new phase of the White Rose subdivision by the Southgate planner included mention about mounting snow problems.

As the township allows more of the lot to be covered by the house, and with wider driveways, where does the snow go?

Planner Clint Stredwick said that White Rose was required to prepare a snow storage plan that will work with the heavy snowfalls typical of Grey County winters..

But he noted that in some other developments in Dundalk, even though a snow storage plan was prepared, people are struggling to keep all the snow from the driveway on their lot.

Coun. Michael Sherson said he had driven around town to look at things and could see the problem.

The planner suggested that the sticking point comes from, for example, a triple-car driveway paired with a small front yard area.

Residents are not allowed to clear snow onto the roads, and municipal plows inevitably add to the load in driveways as they do their job.

Mr. Stredwick proposed that, going forward, the township should limit the width and size of a driveway in relation to the frontage and front yard area.

His initial suggestion is a maximum of 50 percent of the front yard be allowed to be used as a driveway.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald