Dundas pig scramble cancelled

Dundas pig scramble cancelled

The pig scramble at the Dundas Plowing Match and Agricultural Fair in eastern P.E.I. has been cancelled after being a staple at the fair for more than a decade.

The board of the event met Tuesday night and told CBC News they had voted to cancel, but would not give any details as to what led to the decision. 

A pig scramble is an event where children get in a pen and try and corral young pigs.

At the Dundas fair, the children are eight years old and under, and unlike some other fairs there is no hands-on contact allowed at Dundas. Instead the kids use plastic bags to try and guide the pigs. 

The events have come under public backlash lately, with two other fairs in the Maritimes having recently canceled events as well.

One in Petitcodiac, N.B. said it was because of complaints from animal rights activists while the Nova Scotia fair said their decision had nothing to do with an online petition.

There was a petition asking  the Dundas fair to cancel their pig scramble too, but organizers would not confirm if this was the reason for canceling the event.

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