Dunkin’ bagel sparks backlash for strange shape: ‘Ozempic bagel’

A woman is pointing out a flaw in a bagel she received from Dunkin’.

The woman, under the username @spamspamham on TikTok, took to the platform to show off her bagel with a larger opening than normal.

“Girl, I ordered a bagel at Dunkin’,” her video began. “Why is she open like that?” she asks her viewers, displaying a bagel that seems to have more space in the inside hole than there is a bread ring surrounding it.

After posting, the TikToker’s video went on to receive over one million views with many commenters laughing at the bagel’s appearance.

“Dunkin makes bagels like they mad at us fr?????” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “I got one just like that a few days ago lmao she was a big oval.”

“Ozempic bagel,” a third commenter joked.

Her video ended up sparking the attention of another TikToker named Kenny Ortega who showed a photo of a bagel that she also received from Dunkin’.

“There’s this video of this girl’s wide-open Dunkin‘ bagel,” she stated in the video. “It reminded me of this bagel got from Dunkin’ like a year ago,” she claimed.

Ortega’s video then showed a picture of what appears to be a very skinny bagel with an oversized hole, resting atop a Dunkin’ bag.

In the video’s caption, Ortega stated, “If the original girl sees this pls let me duet your video!!!”

Once again, people left comments joking about the bagel’s strange shape, questioning why the chain restaurant would even sell a product that is so misshapen.

“It’s a Dunkin’ bracelet!” one comment read.

“Okay but someone looked at that, toasted it, and sold it to you. I’d actually be so upset,” another commenter pointed out.

The Independent has contacted representatives for Dunkin’ for comment.

This isn’t the first time a bagel has gone under fire. Previously one man from Los Angeles, named Taylor Offer, took to TikTok to share his experience ordering a bagel in New York City, which he claimed ended with him getting kicked out of the deli.

“There’s nothing more stressful than ordering a bagel in New York City,” Offer’s video began. He explained that his normal bagel order is a scooped gluten-free bagel. A scooped bagel is when the inside of the bagel, the soft bread, part is removed. Typically, it’s done as either a lower-calorie or low-carb option, but some people order their bagels scooped out to get more cream cheese or other filling of their choice.

In Los Angeles, Offer said no one ever questions his order, but that the NYC deli he visited had a problem with it. “I just walked in and asked for a scooped gluten free bagel, guy just looks at me and goes: ‘I’m not scooping your f***ing bagel bro,’” Offer alleged.

Offer said he was confused as to why his order was being questioned because he noted “That’s how I want it”. The TikToker then alleged that the employee behind the counter kicked him out of the deli, at which point Offer said he would just move on to a different deli.