Dwarf Calf Still Loves His Treats A Year After Being Rescued

Walter is a calf who was not meant to live. He is a sweet soul who had so many disadvantages that he was called 'hopeless' by the beef farmer who owned him. Farmers can't afford to keep an animal who will need more help than he is valued at. It's understandable that Walter couldn't stay, but one look at his beautiful face would tell anyone that he deserved a life and proper care, despite his health problems. Walter was born with dwarfism, improper facial bone development, neurological issues and joint pain. He was going to need a lot of care, and he was going to b more trouble than he was worth for the farmer who owned him. The cost of vet care would quickly exceed the profit that he would bring and Walter was called a 'liability'. He was scheduled to be put down immediately, as if he was simply the number on his ear tag. But Walter had been born on a farm across the road from a wonderful animal sanctuary called Black Dog Farm and Rescue. This family takes in the hopeless and the most needy creatures and mends them, giving them love, proper care, and a chance to find a forever home. Walter will always need a little extra love and more care than most people can give, so he will live out his days here with his new friends, Benny, Nigel, and Claire. They are the other rescued cows who call this home. Walter's number tag has been removed and he has a name. He gets treats, food, playtime, and even a good wash when he needs it to keep him clean and healthy. Walter is a nervous little man, weighing half what he should at his age, but he will eventually grow bigger and stronger. He has fit in nicely with the other animals here and he will enjoy companionship and more space than he would ever have on his first farm. On his first night, he could be heard sadly bellowing for his mother who called back from the farm across the road. The two were distraught to be separated when Walter was only a few days old. But Walter's mother would be relieved if she could understand that Walter has a second chance now and he will be well cared for. Black Dog Farm and Rescue does incredible work, but it is only possible through the generosity of friends, family, and donations from animal lovers who want to make a difference. Find Black Dog Farm and Rescue on Facebook to follow their adventures. And please consider helping them with a gift that will put food in the trough for sweet souls like Walter.