Dwayne Johnson Asked Drew Barrymore for Consent Before Picking Her Up—And Fans Love It

It was a day like any other on The Drew Barrymore Show: The 49-year-old host wore a black turtleneck stuffed with fake muscles, a fanny pack, and a questionable wig as an homage to her guest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his infamous ’90s look. Then he lifted her over his head for a little stunt.

A little background: Johnson appeared on the show last week to promote his new collection of men's skin care products called Papatui, and during his interview Barrymore, reading a fan's question she had pulled from her fanny pack, asked whether he could do five squats with her on his back (and, presumably, a few other questions about skin-care-related stuff).

Johnson answered that, yes, he could easily do five squats with the actor hoisted over his shoulders. I would hazard to guess that no one who has ever seen The Rock would doubt that he was capable of such a task. However, an incredible feat of strength is not what fans are praising after the show aired. Rather, it's the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment leading up to the squats, when Johnson explained how he planned to lift Drew Barrymore and asked her if she was okay with the plan, that left fans in awe.

“The way the Rock asked for consent and explained what he was going to do before doing it,” reads one comment underneath a video of the lift that was shared by the show's Instagram. “You can totally tell he’s a girl dad, bravo sir.”

Another added, “I love how he asked for consent and told you exactly where he was going to put his hands.” The comment has more than 60,000 likes.

All of this goes to show that while lifting things that are not weights is impressive, nothing is more admirable than a man who can show respect and ask for consent.

Originally Appeared on Glamour