Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reveals He’s Written His Father’s Eulogy: 'Nothing Prepared Me for This'

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is preparing to say goodbye to his father, Rocky.

In a candid social media post Monday morning, the actor shared with his followers that he had written his father’s eulogy for the funeral.

“This was fun. Written a lot of things over the years, but nothing prepared me for this one. #eulogy #mydad #soulman,” he wrote, posting a photo of his journal, pen and glass of his tequila.

On Sunday, Johnson opened up to his fans about his father’s death in an emotional video revealing that the legendary WWE Hall of Famer had died from a heart attack at the age of 75.

“Hey everybody I just wanted to stop in on this very blessed Sunday to say thank you so much. Thank you. My heart is so full of gratitude. You’ve lifted my spirits in ways that I hope you can imagine,” he shared at the beginning of a lengthy Instagram video.

“As you know, I lost my old man a few days ago. I lost him just like that, didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him,” he said. “I’d give anything right now to give him a big ole hug and a big ole kiss before he crossed over and just say thank you and I love you and I respect you. But I didn’t get a chance to say that, but such is life, as many of you know.”

Reflecting on their “unique” relationship, Johnson shared that “there’s so much about my old man and his complexities that only me, as his son, can understand.”

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“A lot of you guys wanted to know what happened to my dad. He had not been feeling well, had been battling a cold and infection and on Tuesday he had what’s called a deep vein thrombosis, which is essentially a clot in the leg. It was a big ole blood clot that broke free, traveled up his body, and went right to his lung, clotted his lung and he died very quickly from a massive heart attack, just like that,” Johnson said, adding that his father “went quick.”

“That did give me great comfort in knowing that it wasn’t prolonged,” the actor explained, noting that his father, who started his wrestling career back in 1964, “had been in a lot of pain for a very, very long time.”

Near the end of his video, the actor mentioned writing the eulogy, saying, “I’ve written a lot of speeches for myself over the years but I have no idea where to start with this one. But I do have my tequila and I can hear him now, ‘Good that’s the way you gotta do it,’ and I can also hear him now ‘Make sure you put me over in the speech – say good stuff about me.’ “

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Dwayne Johnson and Rocky Johnson | Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock
Dwayne Johnson and Rocky Johnson | Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

Johnson first broke his silence about his dad’s death in a moving Instagram tribute on Friday, telling his late father that he wished he had “one more shot to tell you, I love you, before you crossed over to the other side.”

“But you were ripped away from me so fast without warning. Gone in an instant and no coming back,” Johnson said. “Im in pain. But we know it’s just pain and it’ll pass.”

World Wrestling Entertainment confirmed news of Rocky’s death on their website on Wednesday, writing: “WWE is saddened to learn that Rocky ‘Soul Man’ Johnson (born Wayde Douglas Bowles), a WWE Hall of Famer, former World Tag Team Champion, and father of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has passed away at age 75.”

Rocky was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, as Wayde Douglas Bowles and began wrestling at the age of 16. He retired in 1991 but went on to train his son to become a wrestler.