Dying man told Trump had been impeached so he could pass peacefully

Donald Trump

A Portland man recently passed peacefully into the afterlife, comforted by a white lie — that President Donald Trump had been impeached.

A longtime Democrat, Oregonian Michael Elliott was and was horrified when real estate mogul Donald Trump was elected president back in November.

The 75-year-old and his ex-wife, Texas resident Teresa Elliot, had remained close friends since their divorce 20 years ago. As Michael’s congestive heart failure worsened, it looked like the end might be near. Teresa was unable to be by his side, so on April 6 she called and a friend held the phone to Michael’s ear.

“I told him that everything’s going to be all right,” Teresa Elliott told The Washington Post. “And Donald Trump has been impeached.”

Teresa says friends who were in the room report Michael took one last relaxed breath at the fake good news and then peacefully died.

The incident is described in his obituary in The Oregonian:

“Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded.”

Leaving a loved one with false parting words kind of begs the question, does she regret the lie?

“If I could leave him with a happy piece of news then why wouldn’t I?” Elliott told the New York Daily News, without remorse. “And maybe in the end it won’t turn out to be a lie.”