E-Gregious: Yankees make noticeable error in Didi Gregorius promotion

Be it at work or in our personal lives, we all make mistakes. It’s just not great when those mistakes become visible on televisions across New York and the rest of the country.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, an error in their Didi Gregorius Bat Day promotion was quite visible, and close enough to home plate that viewers of YES Network, which was being simulcast nationally by MLB Network, caught it. The error? Some letters might have been mixed up in Gregorius’ last name.

The YES Network broadcast team, as well as more than a few viewers at home, caught the error and soon, the mistake had reached Twitter.

All in all, Gregorius didn’t seem to mind the harmless error, if his performance on the field is any indication. A 401-foot homer from Gregorius in the fifth inning increased his season total to eight, putting him behind only Mike Trout (10) in the American League home run leaderboard. The 28-year-old shortstop has been looking like one of MLB’s biggest breakout players nearly a month into the season. Entering Tuesday’s games, he was hitting .324/.429/.746 and leading the AL in slugging percentage as well as RBIs (24).

That kind of production will earn you a Bat Day, and a Yankee Stadium crowd sure to know your name.

Thanks to a misspelling in a Didi Gregorius promotion, not all of the errors at Yankee Stadium were made by players Tuesday. (AP Photo)

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