Eagle-eyed Twitter user notices error in recent 'House of the Dragon' episode

Eagle-eyed television watchers spotted a green screen glove in this week’s House of the Dragon.

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The new Game of Thrones spinoff got roasted on social media after a CGI blunder made it into the third episode. Twitter user Sarah Capps captured and posted the unfortunate moment, which spread like wildfire. The image showed King Viserys (played by Paddy Considine) with a couple of green fingers. The only problem was that those fingers weren’t supposed to be visible.

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“Not the green screen glove on Viserys’s missing fingers,” Capps wrote on Twitter.

Spoilers: In the episode, the character loses his two fingers to a mysterious bone illness. The green screen glove was supposed to make the fingers look amputated. But as King Viserys handed a letter to someone, his ring and pinky fingers were still rocking the green screen glove.

According to Variety, “HBO is planning to update the error on its streaming platforms.” This is just another instance of the Game of Thrones franchise missing CGI flubs like the infamous Starbucks cup in Season 8.

“Guys it’s not Starbucks, it’s Winterfell’s own coffee chain ‘Dire cup,'” @soylattesad_ tweeted back in 2019.

While these little errors can pull people out of a fantasy, many viewers have realized that a lot of recent bad CGI stems from the poor treatment of VFX workers.

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