Eagles fan gets awesome tattoo of trick 'Philly Special' play from the Super Bowl win

Tattoo decisions made in haste can often lead to regret, but this one was really the best decision.

Philadelphia Eagles fan Dan Morgan got a diagram of the famed “Philly Special” play tattooed on his right forearm less than 24 hours removed from that trick play — a touchdown pass from Eagles tight end Trey Burton to quarterback Nick Foles in the end zone just before halftime — helping deliver the franchise’s first Super Bowl title and first NFL championship since 1960. And it’s awesome, via NJ.com:

A Philadelphia Eagles fan already got a tattoo of the famed “Philly Special” play. (Dan Morgan)

I’m assuming the play design looks backwards, because the selfie was taken in a mirror.

The tattoo only took about an hour to finish, Morgan told NJ.com.

“It seemed like most people either were adding on a Lombardi trophy or just getting something including it,” he added. “I wanted mine to be less obvious. Random people are going to see it and maybe take a minute but many will get it.”

It’s a lot better than the tattoo of linebackers coach Ken Flajole’s face that Eagles lineman Chris Long now has to get if he wants to fulfill a promise. And Morgan has to feel better about his decision than the New England Patriots fan who had a Super Bowl tattoo preemptively inked on his back last week.