Will the Eagles Lose the No.1 Seed in the NFC? | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discuss the Philadelphia Eagles' chances of losing the No. 1 seed in the NFC following a loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Let's kick it over to the New Orleans Saints beating the Philadelphia Eagles 22-10 on the road. I mean, like, I'm sorry, but when Jalen Hurts hurt his shoulder, Jori Epstein and I were talking. It was like a midweek show. And I said, like, hey, I don't know, in Philly, you know, that top seed in the NFC could be-- and she was kind of-- you know, I think she was sort of like, really, you really think there's a chance that they could lose out?

And I'm like, I-- I think Hurts is going to be a pretty big difference when it's all said and done. Just because he's one of these guys who puts-- shoulders so much of that offense on himself.


CHARLES ROBINSON: And I think this is kind of emblematic of what can happen when you have a team where there-- there is just a guy who's absolutely so dominant to the running game, to the passing game, to the entire mentality of what you run. They looked bad. They just-- I mean, it just looked like a bad offensive team at times today.

And I'm-- Hurts-- we're going to see what happens to the shoulder. I mean, that could end up being a far bigger issue than ultimately we thought. And I-- I honestly didn't think-- I didn't think the backup quarterback play would be as bad as it was in this one. I just-- it was--

FRANK SCHWAB: No, I mean, we talked-- we said-- last week, Minshew made himself a lot of money. But he gave a lot of it back this week. He wasn't good at all. And you could tell it early on. It was just like, oh, this games is going to be a slog for them. It-- how did the Eagles get to this point? Like, we've given them the NFC East since October. And we're going into week 18, and it's not clinched yet.

Now, next week, they play a Giants team that's already clinched its playoff spot. Brian Daboll is a smart guy. I assume he's maybe going to sit guys. He should. So Philly should have a walk over next week. But all of a sudden, you're in a position where you have to win this game. And we saw Jalen Hurts back at practice this week. And he was listed as doubtful, not out.

So now you're-- the mindset has to change. You don't have the top seed clinched. You have to look at this as a must-win game, whether you think you can beat the Giants or not. And if Jalen-- if you had it clinched, but you were like, we'll throw Jalen out there maybe for a series or two, just to get his feet wet again, blah, blah, blah. Now it's like, if he can go, he's got to play. He's got to play like normal.

And that's not-- I don't think that's great for the Eagles. It might end up, just to get-- make sure Hurts is back, and he can do what he wants to do, and-- and he's ready for the playoffs. But it's a situation they put themselves in. This is a bad loss. I really-- I'm not trying to sit here and say the Eagles-- the wheels have fallen off. Jalen Hurts is that important.

And so is Lane Johnson, actually. Lane Johnson missed this game. We talked about he's one of the rare offensive linemen. And really, their splits are totally different with him in and out of the lineup. So they have their issues. But I just think it's-- it's not this situation the Eagles wanted to be in, going into week 18, and saying-- all of a sudden-- we started this season-- what? Was it 13 and 1?


FRANK SCHWAB: And we got to win a week 18 to win a division or we're a five seed? That is not what the Eagles wanted.