Eagles punter runs onto field wearing sweatpants

Look, it’s freaking cold on the last day of the year, and even NFL players want to stay warm in the Sunday afternoon chill. But if you’re a player who doesn’t get into the game much, well, you’ve got it even tougher.

Game-time temperature in Philadelphia was 15 degrees, with a wind chill that made it feel like a balmy 4 degrees. As a result, players bundled up on the sidelines … and sometimes, on the field itself.

Philadelphia Eagles punter Donnie Jones wears his pants onto the field and takes them off before he sends a punt deep into Dallas Cowboys territory. (Screen shot)

Philadelphia Eagles punter Donnie Jones ran onto the field to punt against the Dallas Cowboys but forgot a key part of his preparation: taking off his warmup pants. He dumped the pants onto the field behind him, confusing the nearby official, then unleashed a beauty of a kick that died inside the Dallas 5-yard line.

Jones waved the sweatpants in triumph as he left the field. Hey, heck with all those ballplayers trying to look tough by playing in zero-degree temperatures in short sleeves. Donnie Jones is all of us.

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