Eagles victory parade produces one of the most touching sports stories ever

Sports fandom can be a truly incredible thing. Simply rooting for a team can bring together complete strangers, and make them act as if they’ve known each other for a lifetime.

This is 100 percent an example of that. The Philadelphia Eagles held their Super Bowl victory parade on Thursday. That set the stage for one of the most touching sports stories we’ve heard in a long time.

A fan named Dustin Javier went to the parade, where he ran into another fan holding an urn named Dennis.

Here’s what happened, according to Javier:

Eagles fans came together at the team’s Super Bowl victory parade. (Screengrab via Dustin Javier on Facebook)

His post reads:

This is Dennis. He was next to me at the Eagles Super Bowl parade. He’s carrying with him the remains of his wife, Becky. He said, “She was a diehard Eagles fan so I had to make sure she was here for this.”

After a while a police officer came up and handed him a beer. “This is from the guys across the street.”

Dennis looked over and a group of around 15 guys in Eagles gear held up their beers to toast him and his wife Becky.


As of this post, Dennis’ story has been liked by over 165,000 people on Facebook. Over 63,000 have shared it with their friends.

It’s been covered a ton, but the Eagles’ victory was the team’s first-ever Super Bowl win. It took until the 52nd one, but the team finally pulled it off.

This celebration has been a long time coming. Every fan who attended the parade knew that, which is what allowed this to happen. Total strangers can have an intimate moment like this solely because they root for the same sports team.

That might be the best part of being a fan.

The Eagles and their fans celebrated their Super Bowl win Thursday. (AP Photo)

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